Industrial odour

If your business causes odour nuisance, this may result in complaints from people living in an area close to your factory. It often leads to negative publicity, media attention and in extreme situations can lead to the breakdown of company and community relations. It may also discourage capital investment and deter economic growth. Local or national authorities can limit or even stop your activities, and if you fail to address a nuisance problem you could also face legal action and a fine.

The widest ranges of odours consist of organic compounds although some inorganic substances, such as hydrogen sulphide and ammonia, are also odorants. The general principle of odour nuisance policy is aimed at reducing odour emissions as much as possible, using Best Available Technique (BAT) for odour control.

Problems with off site odour nuisance are caused by odorant molecules dissolved in air. In the European Union odours have been and will continue to be the major trigger for many complaints from individuals. Consequently the EU implemented a Directive (96/91), known as the IPPC, introducing a more integrated approach to controlling pollution from industrial sources, such as reducing odour emissions to the air.  The IPPC applies to hundreds of industrial processes, including food processing, pet food and fish feed, meat and poultry processing, rendering, waste treatment and the chemical industry.

A solution to an odour nuisance problem is always a combination of dedicated measures within the boundary limits of a plant, based on the particular location of the plant. Pure Air Solutions is specialised in odour control technology and is a first class supplier of air pollution control systems. Our experience is based on over 30 years of practise in odour abatement at various industries. Our odour abatement systems are unique in terms of costs, size, reliability, ease of operation and performance, with odour removal efficiency of 85 to 98% in terms of Odour Units.

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Industrial odour
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