Since the first use of biological methods to control air emissions in 1923, people have been fascinated by biological air treatment.

Yet it took until the 1990’s before more advanced methods of biofiltration became available.

In the course of the history of air treatment, Pure Air Solutions was founded to lead the way in modern air treatment, and to set new standards in industrial air treatment. With our knowledge based on over 20 years of practice, we have already introduced various innovations which have enhanced the development of air treatment and set incredibly high standards of performance, size, reliability and ease of operation for air treatment components, systems and complete purification solutions.

This success stems from creativity, commitment and enthusiasm, and is also acknowledged by our customers, partners and authorities:

  • In 2004 the Dutch Ministry of the Environment ranked Pure Air Solutions as one of the most innovative companies in the environmental sector.
  • In 2006 we acquired MilieuPartners. With this acquisition Pure Air Solutions has further strengthened its position in odour treatment.
  • In 2006 Pure Air Solutions was nominated as emerging entrepreneur of the year 2006. This national event is annually organized by Ernst & Young in cooperation with the University of Nyenrode, The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Het Financiële Dagblad, Fortis Bank and the Confederation of Industry.
  • In 2007 we were one of the 10 finalists in the Rising Star Competition. The 'Rising Star' represents a special award that recognizes fast growing technology companies that show the highest potential in the area of concept development and marketability of its products / services.
  • in 2006 cooperation with the University of Valencia is initiated to further design the VOCUS, a biological system to remove VOC’s from waste air.
  • in 2009, Pure Air Solutions introduces a unique installation for cost effective removal of H2S and organic odours from municipal waste water treatment plants, named SULPHUS.
  • in 2011, Next Air Biotreat project - funded by the EU's Marie Curie FP7 IAPP Framework - was awarded to start 4 years research program.
  • in 2013, Trainonsec - funded by the EU's Marie Curie FP7 EID Framework - was awarded to start another 4 years research program.
  • in 2014 expansion through the opening of regional offices in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

We believe that ecologically intelligent design generates ecological, social and economic value. Today, Pure Air Solutions develops and produces cost-effective air purification systems using innovative biotechnology and chemisorptions. We supply systems and services to the food, beverage, dairy, flavouring, pet food, rendering, printing, flexography, furniture, coating, pharmaceutical, waste management and water companies. These systems and services offer industries the opportunity to accomplish great and profitable things: clean air, cost savings, compliance with environmental legislation, and good public relations and communicty relations.