From design through to delivery, we employ our knowledge to offer you the best.

If you choose our products, you will most probably share the same passion and enthusiasm for a clean and sustainable environment.

Above all, we get involved with our clients. Persistently and inventively we look beyond the current boundaries of air purification and contribute our ideas throughout the entire process. Through this we are the preferred supplier to a number of multinationals, engineering companies, suppliers of complete industrial applications. Whilst maintaining our quality and high level of support, they repeatedly call upon our expertise.

As a leading supplier of biological and chemical air purification systems, we offer a series of highly reliable products for the effective purification of air emissions. Apart from delivering systems, we have a great deal of experience in turnkey projects. We supervise construction and will handle the full project management for you. Our excellent reputation and high efficiency means that your projects will be in good hands with us.

Combined with over 30 years of practice in air treatment at various industries our continuous research and product development allows us to design the world’s most advanced systems. Our innovative technologies are flexible, reliable and provide excellent performances. When airflows cannot be treated directly, we also offer solutions for preconditioning like dust removal, exhaust systems and air-cooling.