Pure Air Solutions offers air treatment systems for the removal of odour, H2S and VOC's to both industry and municipalities. Operating through an extensive network of companies and representatives throughout the world. our expertise is provided worldwide.

As our roots stems from 1996 we have almost 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge in Odour and VOC control. Besides biotrickling filters and biofilters we also design, supplied and installed chemical scrubbers, carbon absorber, venturi scrubbers, etc. and can apply this knowledge in an overall approach. By continuous research we are looking for innovations and further advancement of biological air treatment, which can be substantiated by the fact we and and our research partner Universidad de Valencia were awarded twice (2011 and 2013) by the European Union with the most prestigious R&D grant (Marie Curie IAPP FP7 Program).

We have grown to be one of the leading companies in industrial air treatment. Our success is based on knowledge, creativity, cooperation, high level of support and a strong relationship with our customers. This enables us to offer high quality products and to find the best balance between quality, cost, removal efficiency, scope of supply and guarantees. It is this balance that results in satisfied, returning customers.
The VOCUS system is based on biological treatment of solvent emissions. It is developed as an answer to the European Solvent Directive: 1999/13/EC . The VOCUS is successfully applied in the flexographic industry, furniture industry and coating industry. And can be applicable in all other solvent emitting industries. Main advantages of the VOCUS is that the costs of ownership are the lowest in the industry.

Due to the acquisition of Milieupartners pre-collection and pre-conditioning equipment such as heat exchangers, humidifiers, venturi scrubbers, fabric filters and quench coolers, is in our program. Consequently we can supply any combination of equipment, including fan sets, pumps, ducting, control panel, telemetric service & support and contract maintainance.

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