The Sulphus is a compact biotrickling filter for reliable and highly effective removal of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and other primary sources of wastewater odours, including ammonia, mercaptans and amines.

Cost-effective alternative

The Sulphus is a cost-effective alternative which requires no chemical oxidising agents, produces no potentially harmful by-products and is more efficient than any other technology.

The Sulphus is fully automated with PureControl and can function as stand-alone units or integrated into the plant control system. It can also be quickly and easily installed. Operation of the Sulphus needs small amounts of utilities (water, power) and requires minimum attention and maintenance. The Sulphus removes H2S with a removal efficiency of up to 99%, without the use of costly chemicals or adsorptive media. For the treatment of wastewater odours the Sulphus is an unmatched solution.

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Advantages of the Sulphus

  • Very low running costs
  • Good removal of H2S and related odours
  • No use of chemicals
  • Standarized product
  • Synthetic packed carrier material
  • Very reliable 365d/365d performance
  • Large void space
  • Large loadings
  • Extreme low pressure drop

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