VOCUS - Styrene

Styrene emissions treatment from air with our VOCUS technology can reach values less than 5 mg Styrene/Nm3. Although normally emission levels are needed of 80-100 mg styrene/Nm3 every emission level is possible.

The VOCUS-Styrene is a proven biological system to remove styrene from air. The biology will degrade the styrene to harm-less components with very little maintenance and extremely low operational costs:


Another green and durable solution from the hands of Pure air solutions!

With using the bio-trickling principle, the VOCUS is comes standard in reactors of 13 meters high, with any diameter that is necessary to reach the desired emission levels. The VOCUS has the lowest footprint in the market compared to any other biological technologie. Due to our experience with styrene since 2006 we are able to guarantee the emission levels that need to be achieved. The development of the VOCUS-styrene was also done during the strong co-operation with the University of Valencia.

Main advantages:

  • Extreme low pressure drop, meaning minimum energy usage
  • Due to the high reactors, footprint is minimized (if less footprint is necessary we can even build in double high systems)
  • Biology is degrading the styrene, no chemicals or excess energy is needed
  • Styrene emissions normally come in high airflows, this makes incineration an extremely costly alternative
  • Operational costs is mainly based on fan energy and pumping energy for recirculating of water
  • The VOCUS has a plastic filling media which lasts a lifetime, no need for replacement of media like biofilters

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