VOCUS all solvents

The Vocus with its innovative biological treatment achieves an entirely new level of performance in VOC Control. The VOCUS has a big advantage for lower solvent emissions above RTO's. The VOCUS is succesfully used for over 10 years now.

The VOCUS is a development since 2004 and is based on the biological destruction of the solvents from the waste air stream of the factory. The installation will be placed outside the factory. The air will be led through the reactors and the biology inside will degrade the solvents. This installation is very modular and is already used successfully at 12 factories in Europe.

It is a fully proven technology and can be installed in 4 months after order. Many companies have decided to install first one or two units and expand with more units in the years to follow. Because the VOCUS’ operational costs are very little it is an ideal technology for small and medium size companies. With the current changes in the solvent directive the range of this technology has become much bigger. We need now much smaller systems to treat the same airflow. The interest in the VOCUS has logically increased since then.

The main advantages of the VOCUS is the high modularity, the extreme low operational costs against the RTO’s. This is due to on the one hand the biological degradation instead of the use of natural gas to burn the solvents. On the other hand the very low pressure drop of the system compared to the RTO’s. This results in enormous lower costs of ownership of our VOCUS.
Contact Pure air solutions to to see the advantages of the VOCUS in your solvent management plan! by telephone: 0031-(0)521 520 682 or email: a.waalkens@pureairsolutions.nl or d.vilches@pureairsolutions.nl.

With it’s superior performance and economic benefits, the Vocus is acknowledged by the Dutch Ministry of Environment as one of the most innovative, economical and environmentally friendly methods of VOC treatment. The development is partly funded by the Dutch Ministry of Trade and conducted in cooperation with various techno-partners and the University of Valencia (Spain). There simply is no equivalent!

Especially designed for compliance to the European directive 1999/13/CE:

  • Effective, sustainable removal of VOC's
  • No use of natural gas or chemicals
  • Standardised product
  • Random packed, inert, synthetic media.
  • Very reliable 365d/365d performance
  • Large void space and large loadings
  • Extreme low pressure drop)
  • Very low running costs
  • Long lifetime due to use of synthetic material
  • 10-20 times less footprint than conventional biofilters.
  • Minimum maintenance labour


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