REMUS Monitoring

The Remote Monitoring System REMUS is a in house development to enable full monitoring and data collection of any technical equipment with a PLC and instruments.It means remote data collection and auto-reporting for e.g. authorities.

The REMUS uses the most modern internet communication standards available. The database is fully open and data can therefore be used or exported to any format. With the collection of the data the performance of the installations can be monitored continuesly. In the event of a malfunction this provision allows for prompt analysis and recommendation. Our normal guarantee applies should it be necessary to visit the site.

Our regular monitoring programmes are directed at the optimum functioning of your air treatment system.  The monitoring programme is a custom made service, geared to your wishes and demands. Usually we take desired usage, sensitivity of complaints and provision of management information (the status of the installation) into account.

In addition we consider seasonality. Think, for example, of intensifying attention in spring in preparation for powerful odours produced in the summer. We also look at the demands of the authorities. The maintenance reports are written so that they can be used directly in communicating with the respective authorities.


Pure Air Solutions created the best possible service for their customers: REMUS.

No matter how far away, through modern data communication we keep an eye on your equipment. Participating customers save time, money and energy.

By having the experts watch, conditions are continuously controlled, thus your equipments performs on optimum conditions and savings on chemicals, electric power and water.

Participation is safe and easy, we can leave the possibility to enable process changes or not. Daily or weekly checks, all data or just a few, it’s all possible.

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