The BONCUS is, of course, also a biological system like the VOCUS, although the principle is completely different. Giving advantages at bigger solvent usage, the BONCUS converts the solvents into directly usable green gas.

Bacteria have the possibilities to convert solvents into methane (gas). This is common knowledge in the world. There are probably over 20.000 installations creating durable green biogas out of waste as a replacement for fossil fuels.
Pure air solutions have succeeded to bring this technology to the flexographic sector. This in co-operation with the University of Valencia and both share the knowledge of the technology which is under patent pending.

For every ton of solvent that is emitted by a flexographic company the BONCUS can create 750 m3 of high quality green gas. A potential financial gain of Euro 650,- per ton of solvent (based on Euro 0,10/kW) depending on the gas-converting technology used. The conclusion can only be that flexographic companies are emitting millions of euros to the atmosphere each year with their valuable solvents.

The BONCUS consist of a three stage technology. The first stage is to bring the solvent from the air to water. In this process the air is purified from the solvents and can be emitted to the atmosphere as clean air and thus complying with the legislation. In the second stage the biology converts (eat) the solvents out of the water into high-quality methane green gas stream. In the third stage the green gas is converted in a CHP (combined heat and power) unit into electricity and heat. The total of the energy produced can directly be used in the factory to heat the printing machines and or use elsewhere in the factory.


The BONCUS is a revolutionary, durable, new and green solution that fully green-efy’s the use of typical flexographic solvents. And above that, it will create a net profit for the company with possible returns on investments of < 3 years.
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