VOC Control

Turning Solvent Emissions into Profit.

Pure Air Solutions has achieved a breakthrough in reducing solvent emissions from flexographic printers!

The Solvent Emissions Directive states that every printing company that uses more than 15 tons of solvents a year must reduce their VOC emissions. But when quality and high productivity are required, solvent-based inks still provide the best option. To reduce emissions through incineration is very costly, mainly because of the fuel consumption required.

Recognising the limitations of alternative inks, incineration and other technologies, Pure Air Solutions developed VOCUS. 

Do you need to sacrifice anything, or can one technology do it all?

Our VOCUS allows printers to combine press speed and solvent-based printing quality with significant cost savings over expensive technologies such as incineration (RTO) and solvent recovery. It enables you to comply with the European Solvent Emission Directive (1999/13/CE) without having to compromise on quality, productivity or profitability.

Our VOCUS has demonstrated the ability to treat high concentration of volatile organics (VOC’s) and is capable of removing more than 95% of VOC emissions. The design is based on more than 15 years of experience in biofiltration and extensive research, conducted in cooperation with various techno-partners and the University of Valencia (Spain). Our Research & Development program is partly funded by the Dutch Ministry of Trade.

Moreover the Dutch Ministry of the Environment acknowledged our technology as one of the most innovative, economical and environmentally friendly methods of treatment for a wide range of organic and inorganic air emissions.

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With our monitoring program, you maintain the optimum functioning of your air treatment system for the long term. You will find more information on our monitoring system by selecting the link below.

Advantages of the VOCUS:

  • Low investment and operational cost
  • No use of chemicals or fuels
  • Modular design gives flexibility
  • Safe and reliable process
  • High VOC removal efficiency
  • Low energy & water consumption
  • Green & natural technology


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