For optimal result of any biofilter, three parameters should be controlled. Firstly, the temperature the performance and life span of the system is very much related to temperature. Secondly, drying out of the organic biofilter can occur if the relative humidity of the incoming air is not close to 100%. Thirdly, excessive dust in the incoming air can cause clogging of the organic biofilter material, which can also occur in the structured packing of a chemical scrubber.

Beter performance and less costs
The single or combined effects of temperature, relative humidity and dust together often leads to clogging causing inhomogeneous flow, preferential flow channelling, poor utilisation of all of the organic biofilter medium and reductions in odour removal efficiency. It can also result in a significant decrease in the effective life of the organic biofilter medium. Faster replacement adds extra costs and it is inconvenient to do on a regular basis. That’s why the contaminated air is often pre-conditioned and pre-collected.

Our methods for pre-conditioning
In our experience conditions are always unique: no industrial air flow is the same to 100%. Nevertheless, we are confident that we can solve even the most complex situation concerning your airflow.
For pre-conditioning and pre-collection we have various methods and equipment, such as heat exchangers, humidifiers, venturi scrubbers, fabric filters and quench coolers, in our program. Consequently we can supply any combination of equipment, including fan set, pumps, ducting, control panel, telemetric support, contract-maintenance, etc.

We are committed to understanding your process
In addition we offer our experience and know how of numerous industrial processes to establish computerised models of any subject process to identify the optimum design parameters and possible pitfalls. Furthermore, we make complicated computer models to predict (energy) balance data and perform calculations for air mixing and cooling. This implies that we are committed to understand your production process and that usually we are involved at the early stages of a project.

We supply a variety of recommended methods for pre-conditioning and other technologies for Odour control and VOC control.

Industries employing our preconditioning technology include (e.g.):

  • Food processing
  • Pet food and fish feed plants
  • Vegetable oil refineries
  • Poultry and meat processing
  • Rendering plants
  • Off-gas from wastewater treatment facilities
  • Fragrance & flavouring
  • Waste treatment
  • Composting plants

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