Biomass replacement

To maintain the performance of biofilters filled with organic media, the support medium must be replaced every 3-7 years.

Removal and refilling an existing biofilter is easier said than done. It is also a time consuming process.

Pure Air Solutions can support you with this or take over the complete process. We have embedded the logistical activities in standard project planning. Project implementation, therefore, becomes effective and efficient. This results in lower costs, faster implementation and minimal disturbance to your core activities.

Additionally the refill provides a chance to carry out an extensive check-up of your installation. This can also be carried out under our expertise.

The following characteristics of biomass material are of essential importance:

  • Long life span to avoid frequent replacement
  • A large number of different types (species) of microorganisms
  • An optimum habitat for microorganisms: nutrients, moisture, pH, etc., may not be factors which limit growth
  • A large specific surface area, which enlarges the attachment area and the number of reaction areas
  • A high moisture retention capacity in combination with the release of moisture, to maintain an optimum moisture content
  • A structural integrity which counters the compaction of the biomass and the resultant higher pressure drops and reduced residence times
  • A high porosity and low bulk density, thereby achieving high residence times and low pressure drops.

Purefill has the following qualities

  • Long life span (in PURE Biofilter 4-6 years)
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Light weight homogeneous construction
  • High porosity and buffer capacity
  • Large surface area and pore volume
  • Full compostable after use

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