ORGUS FRP Biofilter

Our FRP biofilter has a light weight design and is especially engineered for small airflows or to achieve significant footprint reductions at larger airflows. Because of the light weight design FRP biofilters can be stacked in a frame.

Despite its special and light weight design, no concessions have been made when it comes to reliable operation, cost and removal efficiencies. Smart design, perfect airflow distribution, high quality media and efficient moistening system created a biofilter that needs just a fraction of the footprint required for conventional biofilters to achieve removal efficiencies of 95% or more. Yet it has low operational cost, virtually no maintenance, rapid installation and is easy to expand. In particular our FRP biofilter is appropriate for air flows with a volume of (1.000 - 60.000 m3/h.

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Advantages of our FRP biofilter:

  • Light weight biofilter
  • High removal effeciency
  • Low operating cost
  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy to stack
  • Easy to expand
  • Low pressure drop
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Remote monitoring
  • No chemicals or gas needed

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