Custom Build

A custom made biofilter built at your facility. This biofilter is especially suited for large airflows of 80.000 m3/h or more, where total odour solutions are required. It achieves >98% odour removal rate at sites with high intensity odours.

Our custom made biofilter is a cost effective way to treat odours arising in high flow airstreams. The biofilter is built on site and custom engineered to meet individual specific requirements. It is built in one or more sections with a closed top. The pre-conditioned air is forced onto the biomass via small holes in a specially designed concrete floor segment. This injection ensures even distribution over the entire biomass area. Utilising top quality organic media with a long life, the custom made biofilter has the lowest cost of any biofiltration system on the market.

As with all our biofilter designs the custom made biofilter stands for reliable operation, low cost and high removal efficiencies. Where space and size is not a major issue, this is the biofilter we recommend. The specially designed pressure room and carefully selected filter media combined with other advanced features has created a biofilter which can easily handle huge air flows and still achieve removal efficiencies of 98%.

Advantages of our custom made biofilter:

  • Suitable for large air flows
  • High removal effeciency
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost
  • Environmental friendly
  • Low pressure drop
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Remote monitoring
  • No chemicals or gas needed

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