MPX Scrubber

Our cross flow scrubbers feature a number of advantages compared to vertical packed bed towers. Ducting is simpler and the crossflow design makes it convenient to fit the scrubber in a ducting system.

In the case of a single stage design, a packed tower may be preferred in view of its convenient combination with a stack. Choice of material is usually plastic, given the chemical additives used in the system.

Gas absorption is a mass transfer process. This implies that a scrubber is designed for a large contact area between the gas and liquid phases. Obviously economical considerations and technical feasibility are important factors in the overall design. Likewise, the selection of the packing material is important. Although basically any type of plastic packing can be applied, a polypropylene structured packing is preferred as it has the best performance/pressure drop ratio.

An important part of chemical scrubbing is taken up by those methods which cause odorants to be deodorised either by oxidation or chlorination. Since deodorisation by oxidation depends on the presence of nascent oxygen or chlorine, the scrubbing liquid selected should be able to generate one of them. There is a variety of substances whose molecules contain surplus oxygen or chlorine atoms which split off easily, producing nascent oxygen or chlorine.

The most commonly used oxidation agents are sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Both have advantages and disadvantages. NaClO is cheap but the scrubber effluent contains chlorine and chloride; H2O2 is more expensive, has no residue product but requires additional provisions for safe storage in view of the (limited) explosion hazard.

Some design features, standard on all MPX cross flow scrubbers:

  • Ultimate efficiency
  • Structured wet film packing for high performance at low pressure drop (500 Pa typical)
  • Decades of life time
  • Full plastic casing and parts
  • Pump, nozzles and packing all polypropylene
  • Built to last forever
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Smart spray nozzle feature (on-line inspection!)

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