MPV Scrubber

Pure air solutions offers standardised packed tower scrubbers ranging from 1,000 to over 50,000 m3/h. Water soluble contaminants can easily be removed from an air stream by scrubbing in a packed tower.

The counter flow principle ensures high efficiencies for most common pollutants like ammonia, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride and similar pollutants.

Obviously the pollutants must be soluble in water to a certain extent. Slightly soluble gases can still be absorbed in most cases by applying selected chemicals that induce neutralisation or react with the pollutants forming a harmless substitute. Prior to any neutralisation or chemical reaction the pollutants first need to be absorbed into the water. This absorption process is carried out in a scrubber. The main features of a scrubber are a zone with packing (to provide the largest contact area possible between the scrubbing water and the air to be cleaned), a liquid sump, a liquid distribution system and a recirculation pump. A fan is used to transport the air and to compensate for the scrubber pressure drop.

We keep extensive databases for most common pollutants enabling reliable calculation of both the physical performance of the scrubber and its mechanical design. Any scrubber system is calculated based on the specific data for a particular application. Efficiency is calculated by computer and guaranteed.

We can supply a complete counter flow scrubber for an unbeatable price. List price starts from just  Euro 14,600


  • Tank venting
  • Filling stations for chemicals
  • Relatively small air flows
  • Chemical waste handling

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