Pure Air wins prestigious order in UK

London, November 2015 | 06-01-2016

Odour control system for Deephams Sewage Treatment Plant

AMK J.V. awarded with Pure Air Solutions with the contract to supply the odour control system for the Waste Water Treatment Plant of Deephams (London) of Thames Water. The Odour Control systems is designed to treat the odour emission from 14 primary settlement tanks, 29.500 m3 per hour in total. To accomplish the high demand in removal efficiency are supplying 3 Sulphus 3500-5 systems with synthetic media and 3 ACTUS carbon polishing units. The project is delivered turn-key project including field ductwork and slab installation works.

The Sulphus is developed to treat air from waste water treatment plants with high loads of H2S and other (in)organic odours. The unique arrangement of the internal packing, the system design and control philosophy is combining great and reliable performance with low cost of ownership. No other technology, existing or emerging, provides this advantage.

André Schoonhoven, Managing Director of Pure air solutions commented: “Few companies in the world have our unique experience and specialist knowledge in designing odour control systems with winded synthetic media. This projects creates instant commercial opportunity, paving the path into the UK waste water treatment market. We are delighted to have been awarded this prestigious contract and look forward to working with both AMK JV and Thames Water”.

Under the terms of the agreement, the company will start immediately on the design and manufacturing in order to deliver the 1st phase of the project in the summer of 2016. Then after completion of the STP expansion the 2nd phase will be completed in spring 2017.