Pure Air to execute an extensive Odour Control Project in Doha, Qatar.

Doha (Qatar) | 06-05-2018

Supply of 6 Odour Control Unit to Qatar

PURE AIR SOLUTIONS (Netherlands), provider of biological odour and emission control solutions, has been selected by Ashghal and Metito Qatar to install a set of 6 SULPHUS Odour Control Units at several location around Doha (Qatar).

Ashghal - the government agency that controls the sewerage network servicing Doha, Qatar - is responsible for operating more than 150 pumping stations that handle the transport of sewage to the city’s wastewater treatment facilities in the capital city of Doha. Each of these pumping stations is a potential source of odour. Due to the hot weather (up to 55°C in summer) and many kilometers of sewer lines, the H2S and organic odour concentrations at these pumping stations are normally very high (exceeding 500 ppmv H2S). This results in strong sources of odour and related public health concerns.

When Ashghal expressed interest in improving all aspects of odour control related to its sewer network in Doha, they turned to METITO and PURE AIR SOLUTIONS for assistance. Since the government agency wanted to improve their odour removal performance, reduce operating costs, and minimize impact on the environment, PURE AIR has offered to supply its SULPHUS systems, which is a completely “green solution.” Six high-performance SULPHUS Systems – treating flows of 11,236 m3/h, 6,110 m3/h and 1500 m3/h will satisfy all of the goals of the Ashghal agency, is being installed in Doha and will be operational by the end of 2018.

PURE AIR’s SULPHUS technology is capable of handling H2S concentrations in excess of 500 ppmv while achieving removal efficiencies of greater than 99.5 percent. This performance will exceed the requirements of Ashghal for its pumping stations. In addition, the SULPHUDS functions continuously without the need to remove or replace the media. PURE AIR’s proprietary OdourPack winded synthetic media is at the heart of this technology. Sulphus OdourPack has been demonstrated to be unsurpassed in its capacity to remove odor with a life expectancy exceeding 10 years.