Pure Air Solutions wins framework agreement with Thames Water and the Eight2O Alliance

London (UK) | 01-03-2017

Pure Air Solutions has been awarded preferred supplier status for the Odour Control Equipment Supply to Thames Water, the UK's largest water and wastewater services provider. Out of 9 preselected bidders Pure Air Solutions ranked 1st in the tender technically and commercially.

The scope of the framework will include both SULPHUS Biotrickling Filters and ACTUS Carbon units, which may be installed in a single or two stage configurations. There has been an identified estimated spend of £17 million over the course of AMP 6 (2015-2020) on Odour Control Units themselves, within an estimated spend of £29 million on wider odour control schemes.Pure Air Solutions is now selected as preferred supplier to execute this projects along with 1-3 other framework suppliers.

Every day Thames Water supplies around 2,600 million litres of tap water to 9 million customers across London and the Thames Valley. They also remove and treat more than 4 billion litres of sewage for 15 million customers. Together with 7 alliance partners (Costains, Atkins, Skanska, MWH, Balfour Beatty and IBM) working alongside Thames Water, the Eight2O alliance is established to transform investment in the water infrastructure between now 2020. In accomplishing that there aim is to bring together the best possible combination of industry leading partners, now one of which is Pure Air Solutions.

OCU at a Thames Water site in London