Next Air Biotreat as good project example for EU

Brussels | 04-06-2016

CORDIS - the Community Research and Development Information Service of the European Commission - published the Next Air Biotreat project on their portal with the objective to disseminate information on the EU-funded research project.The article is based on an interview with Professor Carmen Gabaldon from the University of València, the research partner of Pure Air Solutions.

The article shows how the the VOCUS® and BONCUS® solutions, advanced and developed by the NEXT AIR BIOTREAT project, will help the EU to address the challenge of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions. Emissions of VOCs into the environment affect our air, soil and water, leading to potential risks to human health including respiratory illnesses. Some VOCs are even mutagenic or toxic to reproduction and harmful to the unborn.

Therefore tackling the problem of VOCs, which come from vehicle emissions, fuel combustion and domestic and industrial solvent usage among other things, is a significant challenge for the EU and European businesses. The NEXT AIR BIOTREAT project team has been working for almost four years now to address this challenge and has successfully advanced and developed solutions that use clean and natural processes to remove VOCs emissions from the air.

The project partners involved in the research on VOCUS® and BONCUS® – Pure Air Solutions in the Netherlands and the University of València in Spain – are now focusing their efforts on industrialising and launching the technology and are actively disseminating it among potential end-users through the whole EU flexographic sector. To read the full article, please click